February 26: 6th full day post-op

I have made some triumphant victories in the past 48 hours!:


  • The swelling in my face is definitely still present. I’m starting to get uncomfortable… but I’m not complaining!

  •  I am now able to feel the position of my new teeth in my mouth. There seems to be a bit of a mis-alignment in my upper and lower jaw. I’m slightly concerned, but I called my oral surgeon and he said not to worry, I’ll be banded lightly to fix this. My muscles just need to re-configure and make new memory patterns!
  • I’m getting antsy sitting at the house alone, but I’m still too tired to go out anywhere. It’s a difficult combination, but I’ll try and start to do my catch-up grad school homework tomorrow!
  • My mother and I had a wonderful time sitting at the house and working on wedding preparations! It’s getting easier to speak to people and my pronunciation is fairly clear.
  • This whole “liquid diet” is starting to get old. I feel like I eat and get hungry again within 2 hours! I am already working on a “dream list” of the foods I’ll be able to eat in (hopefully) a week. These will be soft, “non-chew” foods like tilapia, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc.
  • I slept through the entire night last evening! Small victory to many, large victory to me 🙂
  • My first pre-op appointment is Monday, and I’m thrilled!



That’s all for now. One more day of sleeping in the recliner, and then it’s all bed for me!

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