February 24: 4th full day post-op

I could sum up today with two small words: “little changes”. Not much has radically changed in 24 hours: I’m still swollen, my nose is still stuffed up, I’m still tired, I’m still sleeping as much as I can…but today I did small things:

-I switched over to an over-the-counter pain medication. Hopefully I’m all done with the Rx painkiller they gave me!

-I made my own breakfast. I made a souped-up Shakeology shake with added kale and additional whey protein powder (because I have to keep my protein level up).

-I walked around the house more than I did the day before.

-I feel more “like a human”, becoming more self-sufficient.

-The swelling in my mouth is going down gradually!

-My mother and I sat down and talked for awhile today! She even brought me some new Old Navy t-shirts that I raved about in yesterday’s post. She’s the best mom ever.

And the biggest victory over the past 24 hours is…..

    My back molars touch.

To most people, this is a given. Having your back teeth touch each other is instinctual and effortless…..but I can’t remember the last time this has happened for me. I’m getting used to hearing the faint, clicking noise as I rest top upon bottom.

Today was a very minor turning point in my recovery. I’m only four days in…but I’m starting to feel a wee little bit like myself again.

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