February 23- 3rd full day post-op

I can sum up today’s events with very few words:

-Today is my fiancé’s birthday. I feel truly bad that I cannot celebrate it as much as I normally would (as I love celebrating people’s birthdays), but, of course, he is understanding and patient and kind with me. We will be celebrating minimally tonight.

-Today has been a LOT of sleeping. My body is definitely in a rhythm of healing, because all I do is wake up, eat, and go back to sleep. I’ve been told that this is normal, and I am ok with it. Again, it’s only my third full day post-op.

-I did start to plan our honeymoon for next year, as this was one of the goals I wanted to finish while I had a bit of extra time recovering. I love planning trips. 🙂

Since I’ve reached the 72+ hour mark post-op, I can officially say that my swelling has peaked and will not get any worse! My loved ones tell me I don’t really look that swollen, considering…and I believe them. All of this is temporary anyway.

Tonight’s plans? “watch” as much of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics as I can…before I fall asleep once more. 🙂

More updates in the days to come!

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