February 22, 2nd day full post-op

Today has been my first full day out of the hospital and the second day full post-op. Today marks the day when I can remove my “jaw bra” (yes, that’s a real term) that wrapped around from the top of my head to my chin. It is more of a supportive, minimal piece of headgear that I will continue to wear overnight for at least five more nights (7 total).

I am not doing too much besides resting and sleeping whenever my body asks for it. Yes, the painkillers I’m taking make me drowsy- I am watching more hours of the Olympic coverage than I imagined I would, and hey, that’s ok with me! As a result, my biological clock is a bit skewed, as I am sleeping for an hour here and an hour there.

My hunger has definitely increased today! I had Shakeology for breakfast, puréed bean soup for lunch, and a protein shake at 4 pm. I’ll probably keep up my habits and have more of the same soup for dinner.

The feeling in my lower lip is there already, which a little bit of a miracle. My upper lip will need more time to heal, and that’s ok (and to be expected in my case).

I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of love being outpoured to me! I’ve received three floral arrangements in the mail, I got a bridal magazine (that I couldn’t ever own up and splurge on for myself) from the fiancé, and one of my fellow coaches gave me a $20 gift certificate for these adorable headbands that don’t slip when you’re working out! Besides these tangible goods, my friends have been messaging me/emailing me/texting me to see how I’m doing. It is wonderful.
On top of that, my family has been so accommodating. My parents brought home a small recliner from my mother’s office and put it in my bedroom, since I need to sleep with my head elevated for the first seven days. My fiancé has been more than supportive, and on his birthday weekend, no less! He has barely left my side.

More updates to come. One more day done with recovery!

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