Feb. 21: post-op, Full Day 1

Today is my first full day post-op. The surgery “couldn’t have gone any more perfect”, clocking in at an hour’s less time than everyone estimated. I was so happy to wake up and immediately feel the new position of my teeth! I knew that, finally, the deed was done. All that’s left to do is to rest and recover.

I slept all day yesterday, simply waking up here and there. My major turning point was when I had an entire Ensure bottle (8 oz) around 10:30pm last night. The fiancé challenged me to drink sips of water, one after another, as I woke up throughout the night.
(I will always remember watching the Olympic coverage non-stop while I’m in early recovery- I even watched the women’s free skate coverage twice throughout the AM hours! Ha ha.)

My vitals were all very good, and I went home this morning around lunchtime!

My swelling has increased significantly this afternoon onward, with it peaking tomorrow before lunchtime (72 hrs post-op). I will be grateful when it begins to subside.
Ps. The fiancé hasn’t left my side. I’m so grateful for him.

Tomorrow’s goals: drink Shakeology, control pain, keep head elevated as possible, walk around a little bit. More updates to come!