3 Days Pre-Op

This morning I went to my orthodontist to get my pre-op pictures (ie. my “before” pictures) taken as well as get my surgical hooks put onto my wires. I was warned that the hooks would be uncomfortable; while they aren’t a walk in the park, they aren’t too bad. I will cover a few with light wax before they break the skin on my cheeks/lips. All of the ladies in the office are so excited for me to come back in about six weeks! They can’t wait to see my results! I will gladly let them all peek in and see “the beauts” (which is what I have been calling my teeth at every appointment).

The surgical hooks were strangely comforting to me: once my orthodontist put them on, I knew that it was the final step before the surgery itself. I’ve been sinking into a calmer state ever since, and I’m so grateful for that.

Today begins three days of eating whatever I want! I’ll call it the YOLO diet. haha. I had McDonald’s french fries and some iced tea from Whole Foods. Then tonight I got an appetizer, lentil soup and cheesecake from my favorite Mediterranean restaurant this evening. It was wonderful!

So I bought a new protein powder to try during recovery- Since I’ll be all-liquid, I thought I’d get it to bulk up my Shakeology even more. 

My professors have been very kind to me already re: my medical leave. One of my professors is even staying late after tomorrow’s class to give me a tutorial on the material I’ll be missing next week! Just another reason why I love my school.

T-minus 3 days!


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