Jaw Surgery in T-Minus…..

So for awhile I’ll be using my Gluten Free Advocate blog to post about more than just gluten-free recipes. I’ll also be documenting my journey as I undergo double jaw surgery this week.


When I was a senior in high school, I decided to apply as a flute performance major for college. However, I kept feeling like I was pulling my jaw back as I played, resulting in my jaw quivering uncontrollably. I did everything I could, but nothing would make the jaw problems subside. Mystified, I changed my applying major and went on with my life. I stopped playing the flute pretty much completely.


In November 2012, I decided to look into getting my teeth straightened with Invisalign. My orthodontist quickly told me that I would never be a candidate for Invisalign because of the underlying issues I had: It turns out that my bottom jaw grew in my late teens, but my top jaw did not. (This is rare for women.) She told me, point blank, that if I were to get braces and not get my jaw surgically fixed, the braces would only work temporarily. My bite, remaining the same, would rotate my teeth out of place once more.


Six months later, I took the plunge. I got my braces on in May 2013, knowing that I would have to someday face jaw surgery. Which brings me here.


My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, and I couldn’t be more terrified for it. It’s going to be rough at first, but once I wake up post-op, there’s no going back. All I’ll have to do is allow myself time to heal and tell my recovery story along the way.


Surgery is T-minus 4 days!

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