One year.

Yesterday I celebrated one official year of Gluten Free Advocate blogging. I am happy to have a small team of followers who, hopefully, will embrace some of the recipes and healthy tips I post on this blog. I can only hope that my following will help more and more people become healthier over time! What will you do to get back on track with your health today?


I am going to share with you what I’ll be doing. With five part-time jobs and commuting to graduate school, my exercising has been less and less lately. My weekends became junkier and junkier with my food choices. I have made excuses and lost the momentum that I gained over months’ worth of trying. As a result, I am going to take this blog post as a reminder to return to my healthy habits. Is it easy? No way! Is it worth it? Yes. And, just like everyone else, I need a reminder and a kick in the pants to get me going! 


Here’s to one year of being a Gluten Free Advocate! 






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