Food for Thought: How to Eat Cleanly With an Incredibly Hectic Schedule




If you don’t know this already, I am an incredibly busy person. I organize and work at 5 different part-time jobs and go to graduate classes at a university over an hour away from where I live. When people tell me that they cannot be healthy because they work 40 hours a week at one location, I have to admit, I struggle feeling sorry for them.

While it’s really difficult to stay healthy in the face of our hectic pace of life, I strongly believe that it is possible! All it takes is a LOT of planning.


I was in between 3 different part-time jobs on this particular day and I knew that this day was going to be jam-packed and nomad-like (due to my constant re-locating). So I grabbed food that could be eaten cold on-the-go that would pack a protein punch and keep me going.

Here is what I ate:

-Cold chickpea “salad” with no salt added, canned chickpeas, drained and dried; fresh cucumber cut up into small pieces; all drizzled with seasoning salt.

-fresh berries cut up, drizzled with honey (my favorite!)

-Hot coffee from my co-worker

-a 32-oz Nalgene bottle of water


Boom! I ate in 15 minutes’ time and kept going with my day.


What do you make to eat on-the-go that’s gluten-free and healthy?


One thought on “Food for Thought: How to Eat Cleanly With an Incredibly Hectic Schedule

  1. Pooh Bear #2 says:

    Larabars, bags of almonds, dried chickpeas (the sweet cinnamon sugar ones or the salty ranch ones), and dried mango, girlfriendd

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