I’m In Love With Sweet Potato Popchips

Recently I have been into Popchips, a gluten-free potato snack that is made using heat and pressure.

Here are the perks of these all-natural snacks:

There are….

-no preservatives

-no artificial flavors or colors

-no cholesterol

-0 grams saturated fat

-0 grams trans fat


-and…yes…certified gluten free

Certified GF!

I am loving the standard “original potato” flavor as well as the BBQ flavor, but recently I discovered…the new sweet potato flavor.



They taste absolutely incredible. They are light and airy and crispy and sweet and well-seasoned and just absolutely incredible. I found these puppies at a Wegman’s (a food chain in central PA and New York state). I hope I can find them at my local grocery store back home, because I am longing for these babies again ASAP!!

Have you tried Popchips? Do you like them?

I give this snack a 5/5. They even have snack-sized bags for on-the-go on Popchips’ website.

Stay gluten-free, my GFAs!

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