“Gluten-ous” Deceit

It seems like those who try to eat gluten-free are the only ones who realize how prevalent gluten is in our society. It’s literally everywhere. Not only is it in the most obvious places, but it is also in almost every soup (as a thickener), sauce, and…..twizzlers?


The Huffington post recently released a great article detailing sneaky places that you wouldn’t expect to find gluten. Read onward on the Huffington Post’s website: 7 Surprising Foods Containing Gluten

You really should read this article. One of my a-ha! moments realizing that I had a gluten intolerance came from eating Pringles one night. I felt so miserable and had such an impossible time trying to sleep (which was one of my gluten side effects), I couldn’t fall asleep until 5 am. So stop reading this and go read the HuffPost’s article!

Stay gluten-free,  my GFAs!

One thought on ““Gluten-ous” Deceit

  1. Wow, I thought I knew most of the “sneaky” G foods, but I had no idea about pickles! Eeks. My daughter loves pickles and I often get them from one of those bins at a local market. There are no ingredients listed there, but I didn’t think I needed to know. Thanks for a helpful link.

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