I got that summertime, summertime sadness…

This is my first summer season of being in shape and eating as healthily as possible. I have learned that, for most people, the winter/Christmas season seems to be the hardest to stay on track with their health goals. However, I did not see their perspective fully last Christmas, because a gluten-free eater cannot succumb to any temptation of cookies, pies, and other baked goods because…well…we cannot eat any of them. I stayed on track (with the festive exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals) and pretty much coasted through last winter unscathed.

Of course, I looked forward to the Summer 2013 season because summer is my absolute favorite season. I longed for the many fresh fruits, the grilling of foods, and the overall lightness of the hazy summer days. However….I have now discovered that summertime is the most difficult time for me to stay on track with my goals. I was blessed enough to go to many places this summer (Las Vegas, our favorite lakeside spot in New York, San Francisco) and I couldn’t say “no” to all of the wonderful meals that were prepared for me at different restaurants! Combined with the delicious grilled hot dogs and marinated chicken (that I so crave throughout the year), my diet became disproportionate. The worst week (which was also the most enjoyable) was San Francisco when my fiancé and I had some of the most amazing food I have ever consumed but disregarded working out and most of my clean eating rules.

There was a point that I started to feel guilty about how far I had come thus far and how unhealthy I had become. But then I saw an Instagram post about this exact topic. A fitness instructor was lamenting that she couldn’t stick to staying healthy because she was on vacation and less-than-healthy options were only available, and that was ok! Being healthy has to leave room for life’s experiences. You shouldn’t deny yourself a wonderful treat just because you want to stick to your goals 100%. You should allow yourself wiggle room in your healthy habits or else you’ll go insane. Oh, and you’ll be starving at parties too. Because a gluten-free eater already has too many restrictions at summer cookouts.

As we wrap up the summer, I challenge you to give yourself that little bit of wiggle room. Go have that hot dog if you like. Enjoy it, because summer is quickly coming to a close on the east coast. I already have a scarf on…goodness gracious.

Stay gluten-free, my friends!