Summer Staple Recipe: Grilled, Italian-Marinating Chicken

In our family household, we are allowed to pick our “birthday dinner” every year. My parents would make it and we would eat it together, followed by cake and presents. What do I ask for? Italian-marinated chicken on the grill. It’s so easy and affordable and d-e-e-licious. Here’s the recipe.

Italian-Marinated Chicken


-1 to 2 lbs chicken breasts, skinless

-1 large bottle of Italian salad dressing (we use Wish Bone)


-Wash and thaw chicken.

-Pour about an inch’s worth of Italian dressing into a large casserole dish (or anything with depth).

-Place chicken on top of Italian dressing in dish. Cover chicken entirely with Italian dressing.

-Cover dish; allow to marinate for 24 hours. (This is the magic of the dish!)

-Remove from marinade; grill for 15-25 minutes (depending upon thickness of chicken).

-Eat and enjoy.

Incredibly easy, incredibly delicious. Take this recipe out from the end of our summer into the early days of fall!