Monday Morning Musings: Meal Planning

After observing others who have found success in consistent, healthy eating, I have noticed a trend that a lot of people use: they plan their meals (including cooking the bulk of the food) on a day in which time allows for it. By planning their meals ahead of time, the food is already prepared, reducing the need for the “I-don’t-have-the-energy-to-cook-it” excuse. Furthermore, they are saving money by avoiding the desperate trip to Chipotle after having nothing to eat for dinner. Most people seem to plan their week’s worth of meals on a Sunday, since Sunday is a day filled with minimal obligations. I, on the other hand, work long, exhausting days on the weekends and am lucky if I can stay awake after I arrive home at 5 pm on Sunday. If I would consider meal planning, I could do so on a Monday (which is my “day of rest”, hypothetically). But the problem with me (and I know I am using excuses) is that I work multiple jobs in multiple locations. My schedule and hours have almost no consistency. How can I somehow follow a food schedule when my work schedule doesn’t even allow for wiggle room?!   I suppose that, in a way, meal planning and food prep once a week would actually benefit me. I would be able to look at my week, with all of its eccentric time constraints, and plan the meals that I am usually scrounging the pantry for.  It is something that can help me too, or is it worth the hassle?


Coincidentally, today is day 1 of my 30-day challenge group. I lead groups of people through a 30-day commitment to healthier eating and exercise, called a “challenge group”. I am able to lead others through example and support; why not try to plan my meals during this challenge as a challenge of my own?   What do you think? Do you plan your meals for the week? Would you ever consider trying this?