Happy Memorial Day!: My Weekend Gluten-Free Findings

Happy Memorial Day to my American readers! I am proud to live in this country and call it my home. It’s holidays like today that make me realize how much efforts our military puts into this country and our freedom. 🙂 I can’t wait to call and thank one of my best friends (who is in the Army herself)!

I am happy to say that I will be celebrating Memorial Day with my family with many gluten-free findings. I think it’s a day to celebrate, and celebrating (to me) means breaking out a good ol’ gluten-free mix. I’m thinking I will make my last Better Batter mix. It’s the most incredible yellow cake I know.

Photo Dec 14, 5 43 40 PM

I had a very eventful weekend, both work and personal- I went to our local grocery store and discovered a new mecca of gluten-free items.

Holy Gluten-Free, Batman!

Holy Gluten-Free, Batman!

This specific store location has had very little gluten-free items in the past, and so it shocked me to see how much they now carry!

Specifically, I was surprised at the variety of items that they sold. Remember my recent post about my gluten-free ventures to the UK? I fell in love with Mrs. Crimble’s gluten-free goods.

Well, much to my surprise….

Photo May 24, 3 39 55 PM

…they were there. “WOAH!” I said. (Out loud. Good thing I was the only one in the gluten-free aisle.) “I wish they sold the gluten-free macaroons that I loved too….” I continued to walk the expansive aisle and squealed with delight when…I saw them.

Photo May 24, 3 41 55 PM

There they were. My delicious, delicious macaroons (which, by the way, taste identical to a samoa cookie) were on my grocery store shelf. I was jumping up and down, taking pictures at the same time (which, of course, made for shaky picture-taking).  At $3.69 for a six-pack of cookies, they are comparably priced to the exchange rate when I saw them in the UK. Oh, this could be bad for my healthy eating diet…..

Surprisingly, I left the aisle without buying a single thing. I know, I know, I could have bought so many things to try for you, my readers! And I will. But not today.

From breadcrumbs…

Photo May 24, 3 42 24 PM

Gluten-free Panko Breadcrumbs?!

…to bread, this aisle had a lot. But what I noticed is how many carbs are options in this aisle. My paradigm seems to be shifting because I’m noticing how many gluten-free items are carb-heavy. Granted, the public must buy gluten-free options for carbohydrates (pastas, breads, etc.) but it does remind me that “gluten-free” does not automatically mean “healthy”. There are a lot of starches in gluten-free items, and relying too heavily on them won’t benefit you. I’ve really noticed that I’m eating much more veggies/brown rice/quinoa and becoming less dependent on gluten-free mixes and such. And that’s why I didn’t buy anything in the gluten-free aisle!

…For now. 🙂 I mean, I have to review things for you, my readers, right?

Have a great Memorial Day!