A Wonderful Evening of Gluten-Free Goodness!

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I had such a wonderful evening with my cousin, who is newly gluten-free. We made a lovely array of gluten-free goodies, mostly from recipes I have posted about before (but will put links here, just in case you want to walk down memory lane). We made:

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese

Roasted Ranch Chickpeas

“Pizza Quiche”: Steamed Kale Frittata

-“Simply Organic” gluten-free spice cookies (which I made with unsweetened applesauce and made them with too much liquid/moisture, but oh well!)


We also enjoyed a gluten-free beer from Dogfish Head! I had two left in the fridge after my boyfriend gave me an entire case of it for our anniversary this past fall. 🙂


Rachel has recently decided to go gluten-free, and so I was excited to share some of my favorite recipes with her. We had a great night!

She and I discussed how difficult being gluten-free is in our society, although I don’t need to tell you readers that as well. But the interesting thing that we discussed is how people with different emotional, physical and mental problems see significant changes once gluten is eliminated from their diets. The Better Batter Company (a Pennsylvania-based company) was created after the owner’s son continued to suffer from “developmental and speech delays associated with autism”. At the suggestion of her son’s doctor, she decided to eliminate gluten from his diet. Lo and behold, his symptoms lessened significantly! Her other son also began to exhibit signs of a gluten intolerance, and so she continued to eliminate gluten from the entire family’s diet. She decided to start the company after paying too much for gluten-free mixes that, well, did not taste so great.

Rachel, a nutritionist herself, brought up that she has met countless people who eliminate gluten from their diets in order to placate disease symptoms, eliminate headaches/migraines, etc.

I find this topic to be quite interesting. Why is it that we have so many people who have a gluten intolerance in society? Is there something genetic, atmospheric, etc. that makes our bodies react so adversely? I only developed a gluten intolerance after contracting mononucleosis in my sophomore year of college. I started to get headaches constantly, I had intense difficulty falling asleep (while every other person who had mono would sleep 24/7, I could not fall asleep to save my life), and I would become bloated/distended after eating a Sun Chip. Why do we hate gluten so much?

Until we find out the answers, I am grateful to those who strive to make the gluten-free world a tastier place. I am just here to write about it along the way. 🙂

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  1. Mary R. says:

    Check out the book _Wheat Belly_ by William Davis for some answers!

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