Cheers from Across the Pond!

I have been in the United Kingdom for about a week now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It has been wonderful in more ways than one, but, of course, I must report to you of my gluten-free findings!


In the past, finding gluten-free food has always been a struggle: for example, I stuck to meat and potatoes in Germany, meat and potatoes in France and, well, meat and potatoes in Ireland. To be honest, I don’t know how people who have Celiac’s Disease travel overseas without making sure they bring enough food for themselves for the duration of their journey.

However, I have found so much gluten-free food in Scotland, it has pleasantly surprised me! I brought enough food/snacks/nutrition bars to feed a small family, just in case I am stranded without sustenance. There have definitely been situations, especially in the Highlands/Isle of Skye, in which I needed my Larabars and gluten-free snacks. But there was one small restaurant that pleasantly surprised me: The Cafe at Dunvegan Castle had so many gluten-free options! The man who served me my food (which I believe is the manager or owner) assured me that both soups available were completely made from scratch and made without gluten, and the potato chips for sale were also gluten-free from the factory. What was the cherry on top of my wonderful meal? The cafe also sold individually wrapped gluten-free baked goods from a GF company called Mrs. Crumble’s. I was in awe.

The gentleman even gave me two bowls of soup since I couldn’t eat the bread that came with it- he said he was out of gluten-free bread, which he stocks!!


It was a beautiful lunch. Granted, I looked like a food hoarder, since I bought extra baked goods for the rest of the day….but that comes with the gluten-free territory, at times.



Anyways, I will return with many more photos and stories to share. But until then, I am heading out to enjoy my last day in the UK. My birthday is tomorrow, but we are celebrating today instead (since we’ll be flying back tomorrow)!