Lots of changes, lots of news!

Dear GFA readers:

Many new and exciting changes are happening in my GFA world. First off, I will be traveling to the United Kingdom in a mere four days to see one of my best friends and go on adventures with her. She has been updating me about the gluten-free options I will have while I am there, and I cannot wait to tell you of my stories!


Secondly, I am mourning the loss of my car. I was jamming to the new Justin Timberlake CD too loudly, I suppose, and the timing belt blew, thus creating a path of destruction with everything it touched.


Third, I am committing to a significant health change, which I will tell you about later in the week.


Fourth, I am also planning to return to graduate school in the fall to continue my education! I will still be working at my job (70 miles away), and I have calculated that my commute to and from graduate school will put up to 28,000 miles on my car annually. And that’s not counting work or “play” travel yet. I better get a car with cruise control….


Lastly, I am proud to tell you that we will be featuring guest authors from time to time! Come back tomorrow and tune into a story about nutrition in relation to illness, written by guest author Melanie Bowen. You need to come back for this. 



And, finally, I am rejoicing in the spring weather. I cannot wait to take a run in the sun today, oh what fun! Ha ha…



Happy Tuesday, GFAs!

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