CNN Gets in the Game with Fitness

I recently found a series of articles on CNN’s website that amazed me- “Fit Nation” is a special set of stories, encouragement, and facts all centered around becoming healthy in the United States. They are so worth a read.


You can find them all if you click on this link here. 



My favorite article so far was called “Get Fit and Others Will Follow”. The story follows a woman who has been travelling on her fitness journey for about a year now. She really did not think anyone noticed her going to the gym or losing weight…until she had developed enough focus and determination to go to the gym and be active six times per week. Her family members noticed not only her weight loss, but that she was a happier, more optimistic person. There were even people at the gym who told her that she was an inspiration to them.


Sometimes I think that, as people, we don’t perceive the effect our actions have on others. But the truth of the matter is, the positive energy and focus one can have in their life can create a ripple effect around your entire life’s actions: the people you meet, the decisions you make, the way you perceive a situation, etc. Being in shape needs to lose this stigma that only some people need to do it. But this world, especially the United States, needs to just be active. Just go out and do things!


How can this happen? You need to start it. I challenge you to change. Yes, I said it! I was inspired by others to share my stories, and I hope that one of you out there is inspired by me. You can lead by example, you can lead by positivity and ambition. It gives focus to your life and meaning to your days. It can give you structure at a time when all is lost. It can afford you thirty or sixty minutes, all to yourself, on a morning that threatens every ounce of your sanity. I challenge you to make a small change towards your health. Because when you work on the inside, the outside changes all around you.

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