Corn Tortillas and Paraben Problems

I recently went to Florida for the third year in a row. There’s something magical about the warmth of Florida during the bleakest of winter months up north. The saltwater smells make it so worth it.

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One of my favorite easily-accessible “junk food” treats while in Florida are “corn tortilla pizzas”, which really are exactly as they sound. I bake corn tortillas covered in pizza sauce and shredded cheese in a 350 degree oven for ten minutes….and boom: a junk food that isn’t too bad for you! (*bonus: Here’s little recipe for you to try in this article too.)


Soft corn tortillas are so prevalent in Florida- I found three different types alone at the corner of a shopping aisle! (fyi: I cannot find corn tortillas very easily where I live up north.) It was this reason that I was shocked to find them at my local Aldi’s tonight. Flabbergasted, even. “Wow!” I thought, “I can’t believe Aldi’s has them here! I have to get them!” I quickly scanned the back of the bag for its ingredients, just to make sure they were gluten free.


While I did not find any items that would contain gluten, I did find an unexpected ingredient: parabens.

There were two different types of parabens in these soft corn tortillas. I would have taken a picture of the label to show you all, my readers, but I was too surprised to do so.

If you are not familiar with parabens, they are a chemical used in many cosmetic items (shampoos, soaps, shaving gel) as a preservative. Parabens have recently been found in breast cancer tumors; even more so, they have displayed the ability to slightly mimic estrogen, a hormone directly linked to the development of breast cancer.


I’ve been trying to eliminate using cosmetic items that are made with parabens, but I truly did not expect to see them in my potential corn tortilla purchase. (I can assure you, there were no parabens listed as an ingredient in my Florida-purchased corn tortillas.)

I, truthfully, do not know if my paraben discovery was simply an eye-opener to the ingredients I have already been consuming, or if this is a fluke.


What are your thoughts on parabens? Have you ever discovered them in your food? Or are they even worth worrying about?


2 thoughts on “Corn Tortillas and Paraben Problems

  1. Em says:

    sick. great catch, i’ve never seen that on a label before i’m glad u looked it up

  2. Michelle says:

    I found from a patch test I’m allergic to parabens. I’ve used paraben free products for years. I too was shocked to find parabens in corn tortillas. I simply refuse to buy them. Keep searching! I found mission brand at target paraben free. A local meat and produce market has paraben free ones but it’s a huge package. Best bet is a small mexican grocer where they make fresh torties daily.

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