Huffington Post talks Gluten-Free!

The Huffington Post recently released an article discussing that about 30% of adults surveyed now want to cut back on gluten in their diet. This contrasts with the 25% of adults who wanted to go gluten-free back in 2010. Although a 5% increase does not seem like too much, but going gluten-free has made insurmountable growth in the American perception in the past decade alone. According to the Huffington Post, the gluten-free industry is now a $4.2 billion industry and continues to grow.


What does that mean for us, GFAs? Well, you might be reading this as a Celiac’s sufferer. Or a mom who has a child with Celiac’s disease. Or you who have a gluten intolerance. Or you who just want to eat healthier! The increase in gluten-free demand means that more options continue to be developed and offered for us. Who knows? Soon we may have a gluten-free restaurant chain so we can find gluten-free options wherever we go.


You can find the Huffington Post article here and read it for yourself!