Food for Thought on a Monday Morning

Good morning, GFAs! I hope the past weekend has treated you well and you received the rest and relaxation that you need.

I recently found an article in the Huffington Post that says 30% of cancers can be reduced or eliminated by eating correctly. Furthermore, one’s cancer risk can be reduced by an additional 30% if they do not smoke. The article goes on to discuss different vitamins as well as dietary restrictions that should be considered and a healthy diet. The article overall is definitely worth the read.

You can check it out yourself here:

  • In light of all that we have learned through technology, it amazes me to know that we have the knowledge and the power to control our healthy bodies. It may have used to be an excuse to not eat healthily because of ignorance or lack of information, but in today’s society, there are so many other options to eat healthier: In all seriousness, why wouldn’t we? We invest so much money in concocting medications and supplements that are supposed to help us live until we are 100. But, really, if we invested enough time and consideration into our diet, we wouldn’t have to invest in such supplements. It seems like people want to be cutting-edge, and vegetables may seem pass√© to some. However, simply eating the vegetables that are accessible and easy to prepare (and reduce your risk of cancer) can be the best medicine.

    If you get the chance to read the article, I highly suggest you do. What did you think of it? How do you try to live a better life?

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