Late Night? Eat Right.

Isn't that gorgeous?

Isn’t that gorgeous?


In the past I have discussed avoiding those late night cravings of potato chips or pizza or something of the like, and today is no exception to this discussion.

The other night I was hungry, and boy, did I want that piece of pizza..but instead, I ate blueberries and blackberries together and drizzled just a bit of honey on top. In my other cup of healthy deliciousness, I made some gluten-free oatmeal. Both were absolutely spectacular. I’ve really been digging Bakery on Main’s oatmeal since I had the chance to review it for you all, so I bought their Strawberry Shortcake flavor to try as well.


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Okay, I made it too watery. Sue me.

Okay, I made it too watery. Sue me.


This was a way for me to divert my late night snack cravings towards something with virtually no oils or fatty ingredients. I wasn’t hungry anymore, and I avoided going astray to my healthy habits.



Do you get late-night snack cravings like I do? What do you do/eat to combat against it?

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  1. Ange says:

    Good Day ! I made the Brown rice with cherry tomoatoes and mushrooms for lunch yesterday. A very easy recipe and also very tasty ! Thanks ! I certainly will make it again and again !

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