Gluten-Free Technology

I am stunned at how much gluten-free eating has changed in just the past five years. When I began to eat gluten-free, I had GF pasta and that was pretty much it: these days, restaurants are offering more and more to accomodate their most dietary sensitive customers. Even more so, the world is noticing!

I was just reading a blog entry from Celiac and Allergy Adventures about restaurants in Denver that will be offering GF options during Denver’s Restaurant Week. Many things struck me: not only are more restaurants being conscious of gluten allergies than ever, but there is also technology that can aid the weary traveler (or city native) to be guided to these places! There is now a website called that allows you to search for restaurants and reviews for places in your neighborhood. I’m in love. Best of all, there’s even a free app for iPhone and Android phones so you can take your GF search on-the-go. Imagine: you can be in Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, or Boston and find places that suit your gluten friendly needs.

Technology never ceases to amaze me.

What about you? Do you have a favorite restaurant that is GF-friendly? Would you download the Find Me Gluten Free app?

Have a great day!

One thought on “Gluten-Free Technology

  1. Best app ever! I really love it. Now I just need to find an accurate and comprehensive bar-code scanning app that will let me know if “regular” foods have gluten in it.

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