Fall In Love With Fitness!

How are you doing, GFAs? I hope the Super Bowl weekend treated you well and didn’t set you too far off track with your healthy eating skills that you all have been cultivating so wonderfully. The boyfriend made this absolutely fantastic vegetarian chili for our main dish. It was labor-intensive but absolutely worth it. It was a guilt-free Super Bowl Sunday!


At this point, we are now ankle-deep in February. I will admit to you, February may just be my least favorite month. January and February tend to blur into this horrible grey area, filled with snow and scraping the ice off of my car and my hands cracking from the cold. But I’m going to make this a very proactive month because, starting today, I am taking part in a 30-day challenge to improve my health by working out and healthier eating habits. “Don’t you already do that?”, you might say. Yes, I do, but I want to commit to a new workout regimen that will challenge me physically and mentally while continuing to have the support system to eat even healthier than last month and the month before.

I’d like you to consider joining me in a commitment towards your health. How much can you change in thirty days? How many of your not-so-healthy habits can you eliminate? I challenge you to change yourself and fall in love with a new you this month. If you want to commit to a new goal (it could be your New Year’s Resolution, continued), I encourage you to write it down somewhere. On a post-it, perhaps. Have the goal visible to you in one of the rooms you frequent most. Maybe put it on your computer screen, or on the kitchen cabinet! At any rate, I want us to go forth from this month healthier than when we started, and I know you can do it too.


What is your goal for the month of February?

Have a great day, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Fall In Love With Fitness!

  1. Magda from Poland says:

    OOO yes Amanda I have a big goal! I have a full exam at the university. but I have first 5 in the index 😉 Miłego dnia kochana!!

    • Dziękuję Madziu! ty też! Powodzenia!

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