Super Bowl, Super Woes

As someone who has only embraced healthier eating in the past year, I now look at the Super Bowl celebrations much differently than I did before. (To my UK and Polish readers: the Super Bowl is an American tradition that is, essentially, the World Cup of American football. It is a day-long celebration, going into the evening. Major cooking preparations are made for “Super Bowl Sunday” which take all day.) The vast assortment of chips, dips, casseroles, and assorted junk foods are definitely not as healthy as other foods. The more I think about it, the more I get angry: as a child. I remember not liking healthier food options at parties because the sole option was the veggie tray. Oh, the veggie tray….why does anyone enjoy the veggie tray? I hate cold, hard carrots and celery.

    Why are these the only options??

And why do fellow party-goers tend to look down upon healthier options being brought to something like this? It’s difficult to stay on the straight and narrow on days like this.

    Brainstorming: Healthier Options for Super Bowl Sunday

1. BYOF. Bring your own food! You never know what people will have at a party, and people with Celiac’s definitely know this. If you are going to a party, your host/hostess will most likely welcome your new snacks with open arms as it brings variety to the party (and food you can eat that they will not have to worry about being contaminated with gluten!)
2. Simple option: bring different chips with which to dip. Try the Snyder Naturals (I reviewed them in a previous post): they are certified gluten free and include ingredients like chia seeds and flax, which will help the healthy quotient go up and fill you up.
3. Portion Control. Another simple example. If you reach for that nacho, grab a small bowl with it as well! Constantly reaching for another chip makes you lose track of how many you actually did eat. That way, if you do decide to stray away from the healthy choices, you can hold your hand accountable and keep it in that bowl!
4. Make a huge batch of Roasted Ranch Chickpeas. They are flavorful, full of fiber (guaranteed to fill you and your football-watchers), and a crowd pleaser. You can check out the recipe on a previous blog entry (found if you click here).
5. Spread the good. If you eat healthily or bring other options for yourself, someone may ask you why you “are on the healthy kick” or why you aren’t eating other options. If you have Celiac’s, well, they should know by now, shouldn’t they? But if you are trying to eat gluten-free and overall healthier, you can explain that to them. You never know when you will plant a seed in someone’s mind. Your healthy eating may influence someone else to do the same. You don’t have to blog about it like myself, you just have to live your life through change.



Me? I’ll be making my spinach and artichoke dip for Super Bowl Sunday, using Snyder’s Naturals chips for dip. (Hey, I never said I was perfect. My pinch of human weakness shows itself with this spinach and artichoke dip.) I’ll also be eating ranch chickpeas and enjoying a night in with the family. 🙂 My significant other will watch the football, and I’ll watch the commercials. How cliché….


What will you do/make/eat/watch for Super Bowl Sunday? Or are you more of a Puppy Bowl person? (Google “puppy bowl” and see what it’s all about. It may just be your cup of tea.)


Have a fab weekend, GFAs. I’m grateful for every one of you!

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  1. Barb Draa says:

    puppy bowl for me!

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