Whole Foods “Blasts Off”, Day 1: Add One Veggie Per Day

I began Whole Foods Market’s 14-day Blast Off today. They release a new idea, or “mission” for you to consider incorporating into your eating and living habits, thus making your life a little bit healthier!

Today’s “mission” is to add one vegetable to your daily food intake. Here is the description, written by Whole Foods themselves:

“Start by adding one extra vegetable to your day. Before you know it, you’ll be eating more veggies than Jupiter has moons!

Just toss some greens (like spinach, kale or collards) into your favorite soup or crunch into a sliced bell pepper and BOOM! More veggies in your dietary orbit.”

I like the space graphics and theme that continue with Whole Foods Market’s outer space theme for the 14-day promotion. What’s even greater is that Whole Foods has a healthy recipe for you to try that   gives you ideas for adding veggies into your main dishes. Although the recipe is not originally gluten-free, you can easily adapt it for your GF lifestyle… I wonder how.. I suppose you should go check it out for yourself! *wink*

What about you? Do you think you can add just one vegetable to your daily meals?

Do you want to commit to Whole Foods Market’s 14-day Blast Off too? Check it out at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/blastoff !

One thought on “Whole Foods “Blasts Off”, Day 1: Add One Veggie Per Day

  1. This kind of change, baby-steps, is how I improved my eating when I became a vegetarian. For a while it was all cheese sandwiches and potato chips, but I slowly learned to like, then cook, foods that were much better for me (beans and dark greens topped my list of yuck-to-yum foods).

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