Product Review: Lucy’s Snack n’ Go Packs of Cookies

I had quite the sweet tooth hankering last night, and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to review Dr. Lucy’s trio of Snack n’ Go packs of cookies. And boy, was it a perfect snack for not being on-the-go: although I tried one of each of the three flavors (Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Maple Bliss cookies), I immediately marveled at the portion control: each to-go package has three cookies, and they provide just enough sweetness to curb that good ol’ sweet tooth. At 130 calories and a lot of delicious flavor, I would be very satisfied with one (…maybe two) packs on a weeknight.


Lucy’s Snack n’ Go Cookies

Packaging for Lucy's Snack n'Go packs

Packaging for Lucy’s Snack n’Go packs



How does it look? Initial Appearances

The cookies come wrapped in individual packs and have the same paper box covering inside that the Brownie Cakes had that I reviewed in a previous post. It’s a simple way to keep those cookies minimally crumbly on the go, and I like it.

How do they taste? 

Chocolate Cookies

Photo Jan 14, 7 52 13 PM

The chocolate cookies were my first cookie to try and my first impression of the trio. The chocolate cookie was crisp and had more of a cocoa kick to it, rather than an over-sweet chocolatey taste.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo Jan 14, 7 54 53 PM

These cookies were my second try of the set and, boy, I will tell you right now. These were my favorite. The texture was similar to the chocolate cookie, but they taste identical to Chips Ahoy, the common gluten-filled cookie treat. I closed my eyes and immediately longed for a cup of milk in which to dip them. And I did. 🙂

Cup of milk achieved, safe in a Spongebob Squarepants mug

Cup of milk achieved, safe in a Spongebob Squarepants mug


They. Were. So. Delicious. I, of course, dropped part of the cookie into the milk. Drat. Just like the old days….


Maple Bliss Cookies

Photo Jan 14, 7 52 21 PM

I will admit, I was hesitant about the Maple Bliss flavor. I didn’t really eat maple-flavored cookies when I was younger, and I don’t really crave maple-flavored things, but WOW. These cookies packed a punch of flavor. When I first tasted the cookie, the maple flavor was barely evident. The flavor was light and airy, and as I continued to eat the cookie, the maple flavor developed, full-bodied and rich. These were a very close second to the chocolate chip cookie. 

Overall Review

The box has six packs of cookies (two sets of each cookie flavor) and has sturdy packaging for taking a sweet treat on-the-go. Lucy’s definitely knows how to make sweet treats. 5/5

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A special, sincere thanks to Lucy’s Gluten Free Foods for allowing me to review their product! Check their website to see where Lucy’s products are sold near you.