“Health” Foods to Skip on the Shelf, and Other Organic Discussions

Have you ever found it daunting to buy healthy foods? This article from active.com explains 11 foods that aren’t as healthy as you think.

11 Health Foods to Avoid While Grocery Shopping


In general, I have been trying to purchase mostly fruits and vegetables that come right off the shelf with as little processing as possible. I’m considering buying organic for my fruits and veggies soon since I am buying so much. Does anyone have experience with this topic? I’m interested to learn if it’s worth the hype. I’ll post back soon about this!




One thought on ““Health” Foods to Skip on the Shelf, and Other Organic Discussions

  1. My wife and I buy pretty much 100% organic local foods from the food co op in our area. Since eating these foods we feel so incredible and the good tastes incredible. We are also incapable of eating out now which is bad at times. We have gone out to eat a couple times with our families an each time it made us sick. These were restaurants we loved but can’t eat at anymore. Organic food is expensive but the food co op let’s us get discounts on food by volunteering a few hours a week. I highly recommend switching to organic.

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