“So This Is the New Year”

I jumped on the retrospective bandwagon and in the last hour of January 1, 2013, I began to meditate about what everyone else in the world was meditating about 24 hours prior: 2012. It’s very interesting that we have the ability to look at an entire year and rejoice in the big moments of the year while also mourning in the sad. Moreover, we are standing at the precipice of a new year, a year which will provide us with joys and sorrows just like the year before did.

How was 2012 for me, you may ask? Even if you didn’t ask, I’m going to tell you anyway. You know how these New Year’s reflections are.

I decided to go back to graduate school. I learned how to speak Polish. I traveled to Poland. I met my antecedents. I went to a Polish wedding. I danced the chicken dance in front of many Poles. I found love for family members I had never met before, and I began to dream of the day in which I could see them again.

Photo Credit: Marta Ż

Photo Credit: Marta Ż

Photo Credit: Magdalena M.

Photo Credit: Magdalena M.

I celebrated birthdays. I mourned the death of my dog. I was privileged enough to find a new dog to steal my heart. I helped run a national musicians’ convention. I played music for over 2,000 people. I worked 70 weddings at my job. I celebrated three years with my significant other and continue that time to this day. 🙂

I took my health into my own hands. I began to eat more fruits. Then I began to eat more vegetables. I began to depend upon my co-workers for magnificent, gourmet, totally healthy lunches (as did they). I began to drink Shakeology once a day. I went back to the gym. I ran one mile. Then I ran 5 kilometres. I created a blog. I began to bake more. I received products to review from wonderful companies who trust my word and my opinion about their product, and I began to find new gluten free products to love. I became a Gluten Free Advocate and continue to help others become the same.


What lies ahead of me for 2013?

I will most likely begin graduate school in the fall. My sister will graduate from college and begin life at her job. I will visit one of my best friends in Scotland. I will most likely get surgery on my jaw to correct my severe under bite (one of the most daunting tasks of the upcoming year). I will run in a 5k. I will be able to run a nine minute mile. I will be able to run five miles. I will learn how to do Pilates. I will return to my Polish studies. I will pass a national certification exam for my job. I will see facets of my job change and face those changes head-on. I will attend the same national convention with which I helped last year (and possibly help chair a national committee at this convention). I will attend Gluten Free conferences and workshops. I will continue to find the best possible recipes and products for you, the reader.

I will do my best to be the best version of myself that I can be.


Are these resolutions? Not exactly. I will keep those to myself. However, I look forward very much to reading this list on January 1, 2014, and laughing at how little I knew about what this year would bring.

What will you do for the upcoming year? How can you make this year better than the last?

Happy New Year, gluten free advocates. Let’s see what 2013 brings.