A Post-Christmas Blog Entry

I am writing this entry from the comforts of my bedroom as my body has surrendered to the illness it had been willing off of itself for two days now. I worked serious hours at my job for Christmas Eve and day (leaving very few sleeping hours in between) and also went to Christmas dinner after Christmas dinner… At 9 pm, I began to lay in bed and watch a dvd on my laptop and promptly fell into a deep sleep which my body refused to let me escape. I awoke, twelve hours later, very stuffy but well-rested nonetheless. On the bright side, though, I have the day off and can simply watch the snow fall outside my window and be thankful that I have this day to recooperate!

I was privileged enough to have some absolutely delicious dishes on my Christmas dinner plate: for example, my boyfriend was in charge of making the main dish for his family’s dinner, and he made beef tenderloin. It was gluten free, and it was delicious.

You can check out the recipe here: FoodWishes with Chef John- Beef Tenderloin


What about you? Did you have any delicious gluten free dishes that you’d like to share?


Happy Day-After-Christmas, GFA readers!


2 thoughts on “A Post-Christmas Blog Entry

  1. I’m glad to hear you had delicious food. I had some wonderful gluten free rum cake

  2. Barb Draa says:

    My sister makes a beef tenderloin for her Christmas Eve party every year, along with ham AND turkey! LOL. For our Christmas Eve potluck at our church, I made pastitsio (NOT gluten free) but also roasted veggies (a variety – peppers, onions, brussel sprouts, carrots…hmmmm – thought there was one more but I can’t remember). gluten free, for sure. gearing up for January when I give this thing a real try. and so happy you are doing this! 😀 feel better and get some rest

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