Christmas Came Early: “5k by Christmas” goal achieved

Today I am proud to announce that yesterday I ran 5km without stopping, thus achieving my 5k by Christmas goal. I can’t believe that when I started my lifestyle changes on October 1st, I couldn’t even run half of a mile. I was never really in shape until this point in my life. I was never a runner. And now, it is an identity that I’m still getting used to.

My original goal was to be able to run one mile by Christmas, and on November 1st, I ran not only one…but two. It took me four more weeks to get back to running that two miles. Now I have run 3.13 miles with a 10:49 pace. I am encouraged by this beginning and look forward very much to challenging myself in new and different goals. But for now, I can proudly say that Christmas came early for me in achieving my 5k by Christmas goal.


What does this mean for you, the reader? Being a Gluten Free Advocate does not necessarily mean that you have to be in shape or even exercise, but reading this blog does give you different options for controlling the choices you make in life.  Exercising regularly makes you devote time to yourself, even in the busiest seasons (such as Christmas). If you are the type of person to schedule yourself for an overwhelming amount of tasks, then exercise can give you the gift of thirty minutes, all to yourself. You can make it a gift, a time to clear your mind. Exercising with eating a little healthier does not need to be a New Year’s resolution (although it can be!). It can be an every day resolution. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself with a passion that you never knew you’d have, much like myself. I am proud to describe myself as a runner and a blogger now.


I think I’ll celebrate by signing up for a 5k and get back on that treadmill!

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  1. Barb Draa says:

    you are an inspiration!

  2. Great job!

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