Strength in Numbers

One of the main reasons as to how I began eating much healthier as well as continuing to do so was at my workplace. My co-workers had begun to bring in healthy food options to share because they wanted to do so for one reason or another (lowering cholesterol, losing weight). I began to “pitch in” this past summer, bringing items such as hummus and blueberries to share. Since early fall, our lunches have augmented to a very serious (but enjoyable) tradition: when 1 pm rolls around, we roam the halls for our co-workers and peek into each others’ offices, meekly saying, “are you ready for lunch yet??”


And we are.

Our staff lunches

Our staff lunches

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Although it may not look like a lot of food to some, we share anything we have and always come up with enough food for everyone to leave satisfied. Lunches have become a ritual that we look forward to very much: we make the food together and then sit down and enjoy it together. We get to vent about whatever is bothering us and laugh about funny incidents in our lives. 95% of the foods we eat are gluten free, which gives me lunch options I couldn’t even have at a restaurant.

We are very fortunate because our workplace is a house, literally, and therefore we have a kitchen with appliances with which to make our lunches. I know not too many workplaces have such a luxury, but I still believe that our lunchtime rituals could be translated into different workplace scenarios! For example: Do you have a running buddy, as so many people do? What about an eating buddy? You could start to discuss bringing in different foods to share that can be refrigerated. Then not only will you have someone with which to eat every day, but you will have someone that motivates you to eat (and do) better. Who knows- it may transform the way you think about your day (as it has done for us)!