Product Review: Better Batter Yellow Cake Mix

Last week I made a double-layer cake with Better Batter’s GF Yellow Cake Mix. Of course, I now can’t make any GF food, especially if it’s delicious, without reviewing it these days, and so a product review ensued.


Product Review: Better Batter Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix

Photo Dec 14, 5 43 40 PM

How does it look?

The mix itself looks like normal cake batter. It was very easy to make and blended smoothly in the mixer.

How does it cook?

I had no problems making the cakes! They needed a little bit of finesse to get the cakes out of the pans but a swift circular motion with a butter knife did the trick.

The cakes iced easily as well. I just used Betty Crocker’s Whipped icing because I like the way it tastes- sue me!

Photo Dec 15, 9 03 41 AM

How does it taste?

Wow. While it was a bit soft on the first day, it did not lack in taste. This was, by far, the best cake I’ve had since I turned gluten free. I may be biased because yellow cake with chocolate icing is my favorite cake combination, but this batter definitely stacks up with usual cakes. I even got my dad to eat some (“well…I guess I’ll try it. Even though it is gluten free.”).

Overall Review

Not only am I looking forward to finishing this cake, I am also looking forward to making it again. 5/5