Product Review: Lucy’s Brownie Cakes

Today I am very excited to bring you my review of Lucy’s Gluten Free Brownie Cakes. These little cakes are one of Lucy’s newest products and come in small packets for an on-the-go lifestyle, and I was privileged enough for Dr. Lucy’s company to send me a box to try!.As I had talked about finding on-the-go snacks in a previous post, I am definitely a supporter of finding great to-go snacks. Here we go!

Lucy's Brownie Cakes Box

Lucy’s Brownie Cakes Box

First Reactions: Packaging

The brownie cakes come in a 4-pack box of two each. While it may seem small to have only two brownie bites in one package, I appreciate the portion control. If I need a small amount of sweetness on the go, I like having just the right amount!

As I opened the box, I loved the individual packing. Each wrapped pack has a paper reinforcer on the bottom and the sides, thus minimizing possible damage to the brownies. Photo Dec 10, 10 12 23 AM

How does it look?

Each brownie cake looks perfect and ready to be eaten!

Photo Dec 10, 10 12 58 AM

Morsels preserved and ready

How does it taste?

My first brownie bite made me long for the second. It is rich and full of chocolate flavor. The bites are crumbly, though, which may impact one’s decision to take them on the go. They are also a bit cakey, which made me reach for the closest drink. (Maybe it’s because I ate the entire brownie cake in two bites because it is so delicious.) However, I ate the first one while writing on the blog (as you can see in the background) with a cup of coffee and thought, “these would be ideal with milk or coffee.” Therefore, I see these delicious chocolate treats as a great way to control portions while still treating yourself to a great treat.

Overall Review

These brownie cakes definitely taste like the brownies of my childhood. Although they are crumbly and a bit cakey, they are still a really nice choice for an afternoon snack.  4/5

If you are interested in this or any other products of Lucy’s, please feel free to find them online at:

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and, of course, their website:

A special, sincere thanks to Lucy’s Gluten Free Foods for allowing me to review their product!

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