When Gluten Attacks

I had a work-intensive weekend as I prepared for Christmas in all aspects of my life- personal, spiritual, work- and had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend as well!

Except when I fell victim….to gluten. *cue suspenseful music*

I haven’t had full-blown gluten reaction symptoms in awhile, which would explain why it took me by surprise. In the midst of sicknesses everywhere, I truly thought I had the stomach flu….and then I realized, “oh! This is what it feels like to eat gluten.

My nerves slightly eased as I realized that my evening should not result in dire consequences, as I, fortunately, do not have severe allergic reactions to gluten. Thank goodness. But alas, I still suffered through the evening and am nursing my resentful body back to its normal state.

Last night’s stomach attack reminds me why I do eat gluten free. It’s inexplicably difficult to sacrifice food after food, restaurant after restaurant, sandwich after sandwich, for the sake of gluten. I miss so many foods- fried mozzarella sticks, SANDWICHES, wraps, the delicious bread you get at restaurants just for sitting down at a table and ordering food, etc. Some people think, “come on ! Have a bit of the bread. It’s so good . You won’t get sick.” because I have only been gluten free for a few years and I don’t have Celiac’s. But I still get sick. I still have reactions. And I still hate it when I do.

To you, the GFA reader: Are you a gluten free eater? Do you have Celiac’s? Are you striving to eat more gluten-free but can’t completely come to the other side? Do you suspect that you have a gluten intolerance and wonder if eating gluten free will help? I challenge you to try not to eat gluten for 10 days. Ten. Days. It takes that long for gluten to leave your bloodstream. Yes, I realize that you may not be able to until after Christmas, heavy laden with cookies and deliciousness, but I think you should try. It won’t hurt anything, it can only broaden your perspective.

And so, today, I continue to be a GFA. I am reminded that, although my blood work may say otherwise, I definitely have an intolerance to gluten, and I need to stay away.

It’s okay to get burned by the fire once in awhile, as long as it reminds you to stay away from the flame.

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  1. Barb Draa says:

    well written and thoughtful

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