Product Review: Quinoa brand Quinoa/Corn Spaghetti

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I’ve tried many types of gluten free pasta and this one is in my top 5 list for several reasons: it cooks quickly, it keeps a nice al dente texture, and is also quite healthy for you (thanks to the quinoa). Here’s my review:

How does it look?

Quinoa Pasta Uncooked-This Quinoa spaghetti looks very similar to regular spaghetti. The only visual difference is its occasional, slightly wavy noodle shape and brighter yellow coloring.

How does it cook?

This pasta takes 6-9 minutes to cook once at a boil, which is a miraculously low amount of cooking time for the average gluten free pasta. (Brown rice pasta, which is also nutritious, takes 22 minutes to cook. I don’t have that much patience when I’m hungry.) Warning: Once the noodles are dropped into the boiling water, you must stir them or they will become clumpy. I cook mine with a little bit of oil and salt.

How does it taste?

The texture is al dente but the pasta could be cooked longer if you wish. I have not had the chance to re-heat any of it because I ate it all so quickly and had nothing left for leftovers!

Quinoa Pasta boilingOverall Review

Overall, this is my favorite pasta as of today. However, it is not foolproof- I’ve had a few sticky noodles who didn’t get enough TLC in the infancy stages of cooking. But the cooking time is reasonable, the taste is enjoyable and smooth, and makes for a healthy, gluten free alternative. 4.5 out of 5.

Do you have a favorite Gluten Free pasta that you’d like to share? Happy eating!