My Strange Addiction: Chia Seeds

I suppose you could say that it’s not a full-blown addiction, but I have only come across these little seeds in the past few months and I have grown to like them very much.  If you’ve never heard of these before (besides the connotation of using them to grow grass on a clay pot), you should get to know them. Their health benefits are great: they have 8 times the amount of Omega 3’s found in salmon, they have fiber and antioxidants, and they are easy to add to many foods (giving regular foods a superfood punch). Pow! Here’s how I use my chia seeds:

  • …in my quinoa flakes at breakfast
  • …in my Strawberry Shakeology shake every day
  • …in quinoa
  • …in rice dishes
  • …in juices
  • ….in my Emergen-C.

Yes, my Emergen-C. In the midst of cold and flu season, I try to drink one packet of Emergen-C every day. If the texture of chia seeds that have been immersed in water doesn’t bother you, then I suggest you try this:

-Let 1 tablespoon of chia seeds sit in water for a few minutes. Then add Emergen-C. Benefits: The vitamins and nutrients of Emergen-C plus the natural goodness of chia seeds.

What do you think? Do you like chia seeds? Do you eat them daily, or do you find their texture to be too much for you?

On another note, I purchased a one-year subscription to Gluten-Free Living magazine through Living Social’s national deal. Yes, it’s still $17, but it’s a magazine that I can’t buy in stores and is extremely helpful for sparking gluten free eating ideas. If you decide to take advantage of Living Social’s offer, click this link so I can get credit for it as well, ha ha.

Happy Saturday!

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