A Running Revelation

If you’ve been looking around on my blog, you’ll notice that I have a countdown called “5k by Christmas”. I have been running for about one month now with the original goal of running one mile straight by Christmas. Exactly one month after starting out on this goal, I not only successfully ran one mile, I ran two. It was an amazing feeling- I’ve never considered myself as a runner (I’ve hated running before this point in my life), and doing this felt like a new chapter. I don’t want to say “I can’t be in shape”, “I’m not a runner”, etc. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be.


And so, here is the issue: I haven’t been able to run two miles since that wonderful day two weeks ago. I work through running mile one (still a great achievement every time I do so, as my original goal was Christmas), but can’t get to mile two. I walk part of mile two and run part of it, off and on, etc. But after I cooled down, I felt like I could go more. I wanted to run more. and so I started over and ran a bit more.


Although I still didn’t get to run both miles 1 and 2, the fact that my body wanted to go farther was an achievement. Adn with that, I will try and go further today. I will go that much closer to my 5k by Christmas! (Because, contrary to popular belief, Christmas isn’t here yet…:) )

What will you do to start your weekend off right??

Happy Friday!

One thought on “A Running Revelation

  1. I was NEVER a runner either. I was that kid in gym class who ran ten feet and then started wheezing and had to stop. 🙂 I started running in 2009 and it started with a mile and then continued. This year, I ran my first 10K!! I never would have thought it possible. I’ve known so many people who have done couch-to-5K training programs and worked up from there. One of my friends, who ran her first 5K with me, ran the Boston Marathon last year! It’s such a good feeling to know our bodies are capable of doing something we never thought possible. Great job on running 2 miles!

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